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2011 Dive Dates


Croydon BSAC’s 2011 diving dates (wrecks and leave times to follow):


  • Sunday 10th Brighton Diver (Brighton)
  • Friday 22nd – Monday 25th (Easter) Venture (Plymouth)


  • Monday 2nd (Bank Holiday) Brighton Diver (Brighton)
  • Saturday 7th Channel Diver (Brighton)
  • Saturday 28th Channel Diver (Eastbourne)
  • Monday 30th (Bank Holiday) Brighton Diver (Brighton)


  • Saturday 18th Channel Diver (Brighton)
  • Saturday 18th-25th Sunrise (Scapa Flow)
  • Sunday 26th Channel Diver (Brighton)


  • Saturday 2nd Channel Diver (Brighton)


  • Sunday 14th Channel Diver (Brighton)
  • Saturday 27th – Monday 29th (Bank Holiday) Venture (Plymouth)


  • Sunday 4th Channel Diver (Brighton)
  • Saturday 17th Channel Diver (Brighton)


  • Sunday 9th Channel Diver (Brighton)
2 Comments leave one →
  1. Marc Dellow permalink
    01/12/2010 2:30 am

    Looking forward ot them 2011 dives

  2. Rick permalink
    01/12/2010 9:00 am

    brrrr – we have some dive sites pencilled in already; not sure if I will be about tonight as have to visit a relative in Hospital if the weather lets up! James from Amphibian was even contemplating crashing in the shop last night!

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