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Plymouth 2015


As usual a crowd of Croydon divers planned to spend their Easter weekend diving from the floating gin palace that is VENTURE from Plymouth and as usual the weather forecast prior to the trip was absolutely horrible. Still, being a hardy lot we didn’t let the Met Office’s doom and gloom put us off, we just went for it!

Happy Divers

Happy Divers

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2015 Dive List


It’s here! The 2015 dive list is now available on the website:

Contact Marc Dellow with any queries or to book spaces.

Plymouth – Easter 2014


As is tradition at Easter, ten of Croydon BSAC’s finest made the trek down to Devon to dive with Pete Fergus from his hard boat VENTURE. After last year’s debacle (we didn’t even make it out of Croydon because of the weather…TWICE!!!!) I was hoping for a good one, but with the winter weather having been bad to say the least, the odds were firmly stacked against us, could it be as good as in previous years?…

Plymouth Breakwater 2011, by Jason Street

Plymouth Breakwater 2011, by Jason Street

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Dive List 2014 Now Available!


Happy new year from all at Croydon BSAC 23! To kick off 2014 our dive list has been published, get booking!

Marc Dellow

Scapa Flow 2013


This year, the trip to Scapa Flow was trip number 20 for me. I have always chartered Sunrise as a live aboard. During this time I have seen Sunrise evolve through subtle changes into one of the best dive boats available and also observed changes on the sea bed as the wrecks have evolved.

Tabarka, photo by Jason Street (

Tabarka, photo by Jason Street (

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Diver’s Cove Godstone, 24 June 2013


As my Plymouth trip was blown out (for the second time this year), me and my hapless sidekick Carvall decided to pay a visit to the new Diver’s Cove in Godstone for a dive and a look about. The site is an old Thames Water property that has been developed for diving and has recently opened to the public so we thought we would check it’s use for the club and so Paul, who is currently apprentice gas-monkey in Amphibian Sports can let his punters know what it’s like.

The lake.

The lake.

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Club Dive 18 May 2013: The Zaanstroom


An 8am leave from Littlehampton unfortunately means a 4.45am alarm call at Chez Brown, so it was with bleary eyes that I collected Paul C (aspiring gas-monkey at Amphibian Sports) from his place and headed for a trip out with Paul Childs on his spacious catamaran Voyager. We arrived at 7 and were soon loaded and chugging out in flat-calm seas to the wreck of the Zaanstroom.

The Zaanstroom

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Club Dive: The Braunton, 29 March 2013


After looking forward to Paul Brown’s annual Easter jolly to Plymouth, this unseasonable and awful weather scuppered things before they even got started!

Pete Fergus the skipper gave us just under a weeks notice that it wouldn’t be worth travelling down as we were unlikely to get out at all over the weekend! We were all gutted to be missing out on a long relaxing weekend, great company, good diving, nice pubs and of course fine dining courtesy of the Ganges….


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Easter 2013 – Cancelled!!


Our traditional kick-off to the year’s diving is the Plymouth Easter Jolly, unfortunately this year, for the first time ever we had all four days blown out so didn’t even make it out of London. So to make up for it I have booked an extra trip over the weekend of the 21/22/23 June to head down to Plymouth to dive with our favourite northern skipper Pete Fergus, from his trusty dive boat VENTURE. If you’re interested in coming along then contact us via the website. For an idea of what’s in store have a look at the following:

PS – Pete is now on Facebook, feel free to go on and abuse him as much as you like.

Eddystone Lighthouse

Eddystone Lighthouse

Paul Brown

2013 Dive List Now Available


The Croydon BSAC 23 dive list for 2013 is now available on the website.

Highlights include day trips to Brighton, Eastbourne and Littlehampton and longer expeditions to Scapa Flow and Normandy. For details on joining the club or tagging along on one of our trips please contact us.

Visit the website for more information on training and diving with Croydon BSAC 23.

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